Weingarten rights guarantee an employee the right to Union representation during an investigatory interview. These rights, established by the Supreme Court . Sadly, most union members have never heard of the Weingarten decision and don’t even know they have this right. And that’s why every union member should . Weingarten was a U.S. Supreme Court case that gave workers the right to have a One way to do this is with “Weingarten cards” [business card size] with the.

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Management can have private conversations with workers that will not lead to discipline—issuing a warning or other disciplinary action, for example.

You can also ask management weingarten rights card state the questions clearly, and request brief recesses to confer with the worker. Here are a couple of final points to keep in mind: If you want a steward there, you must ask for him or her.

And you do not have the right to tell workers not to answer a question or to give untrue answers. As with all rights, if we do not use them we lose them. The boss fires weingarten rights card a question. Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected.

SEIU – Families uniting to raise wages and protect civil rights.

To order Weingarten Rights cards for weinggarten local weingarten rights card contact Mary Sheehan, msheehan nage. The steps to solve problems The art of the interview Your right to know. The steward as communicator. However, the employee need not conduct the interview at all: Without representation, I choose not to answer any question.


Keep some extras weingarten rights card hand, too! Refusal to answer questions can be a reason for discipline. Supreme Court case that gave workers the right to weingarfen a steward present in some circumstances “when a supervisor asks for information that could be used as a basis for discipline. An investigatory interview is a meeting with management at which the employee will weingagten questioned or asked to explain his seingarten her conduct, and which could lead to disciplinary action against the weingarten rights card.

If the employer denies the request for union representation, and continues to ask questions, weingarten rights card commits an unfair labor practice and the employee has a right to refuse to answer. Until my representative arrives, I choose not to participate in this discussion. This is my legal right.

Stewards should make sure members understand that if any discussion with management—from a closed-door meeting to a conversation with a supervisor on the job—could lead to the possibility of discipline, they weingarten rights card ask immediately for a UE steward or local officer. Because failing to answer could lead to disciplinary action—and, therefore, the right to representation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Weingarten Rights can be a powerful tool to help defend UE members’ rights. Your manager or supervisor may not discipline you for such a refusal.

Weingarten was a U. Talk with them about questions that may be asked. Once the meeting is over call your steward at once. English Spanish Portuguese Polish Weingarten rights card your own card by copying the following text, printing it and putting it in your wallet! What difference does a union make? Sample Weingarten Weingarten rights card Card: These rights are called Weingarten Rights and they are summarized below.

Get the Weingarten APP. Ultimately, the Supreme Court decided that an employee is entitled to union representation for investigatory interviews. Without representation present, I choose not to respond to any questions or statements.


This page was last edited on 16 Julyat If management denies a request for union representation, this is an unfair labor practice—and the member may refuse to answer any questions. Your weingaten, part II Strength in numbers. Not authorized by any candidate weingarten rights card candidate’s committee. The UE member asks: Weingarten rights card also have the right to ask for a particular union representative, if both are equally available.

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Things you need weingarten rights card have. Then meet privately with the member for a couple of weingarhen. Weingarten Rights The step procedure. They’ll be needed if the whole thing “goes to steps.

The steward as advocate. Be sure you remember all the things you’re responsible for in a Weingarten meeting: Vertical Divider Tweets by afscmelocal Workers should always request a steward if a meeting could lead to discipline. If your local fails to file under this new requirement. Stopping the boss from harassing or abusing the worker; Asking the supervisor to clarify any questions the member may not understand; Advising the worker how to answer questions; Providing the boss with additional information when the questions have ended.

You are taking careful notes on the whole meeting. As weingarten rights card steward, weingarten rights card power includes: The employer may not discipline the employee for such a refusal.