2 May In recent years, the De Re Militari of the Roman writer Vegetius, regarded in the Middle Ages as the authority on war, has increasingly drawn. A classic of the ancient world of warfare De Re Militari (Concerning Military Affairs), written in the 5th century by Vegetius and translated from the original Latin. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Essential.” Choice “The full story of Vegetius in the medieval era The De Re Militari of Vegetius Kindle Edition. by Christopher.

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As the enumeration of all the particulars of this sort would be too tedious, I shall only observe that the legion should carry with it vvegetius it vegetius de re militari, whatever is necessary for every kind of service so that the encampments may have all the strength and conveniences of a fortified city. Some vegetius de re militari, however, were allowed ,ilitari the service of the praefects, tribunes and even of the other officers, our of the number of the accensi or such as were raised after the legion was complete.

November 23, History. When the danger is not imminent, they carry a slight ditch round the whole circuit, only nine feet broad and seven deep. See all 8 reviews.

The legion is provided with iron hooks, called wolves, and iron scythes fixed to the ends of long poles; and with forks, spades, shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrows and baskets for digging and transporting earth; together with hatchets, axes and saws for cutting wood.

Vegetius de re militari is apparent from his book that he had not had extensive practical experience as a soldier. The number of legionary troops in an army is generally much more considerable than that of the auxiliaries.

Full text of “The Military Institutions Of The Romans [De Re Militari].pdf (PDFy mirror)”

mikitari It is universally known the ancients employed slingers in all their engagements. Experience even at this time convinces us that soldiers, perfect therein, are of the most service in engagements. The legion should consist of ten cohorts, the first of which exceeds the others both in number and quality of its soldiers, who are selected to serve in it as men of some family and education.

Having shown the rre establishment of the legion, we shall now explain the vegetius de re militari of the principal soldiers or, to use the proper term, vegetius de re militari officers, and their ranks according to the present rolls of the legions.


De re militari – Wikipedia

When the preparations of the enemy were formidable, they sent a general of consular dignity with militqri thousand vegetius de re militari and four thousand horse. They are simple, content with little, inured to all kinds of fatigue, and prepared in some measure for a military life by their continual employment in their country-work, in handling the spade, digging trenches vegetiys carrying vegetius de re militari.

The Tesserarii deliver the parole and the orders of the general to the different messes of the soldiers. Raphael of Volterra calls him a Count of Constantinople. The manner and disposition of defense must be varied vevetius to the difference of ground. If it rained or snowed, they performed under cover; and ill fine weather, in the field. The daily guards in time of peace, the advanced guards and outposts in time of war, which are mounted regularly by the centuries and messes in their turns, are likewise vegetjus kept in rolls for that purpose, with the name of each soldier whose tour is past, that no one may have injustice done him or be excused from his duty by favor.

Warr, Charles Winter trans. The rest are called Munifices, or working soldiers, from their vegetjus obliged to every kind of military work without exception. But this valuable art is now entirely lost, for it is long since any of our camps have been vegetius de re militari either vegetius de re militari trenches or palisades.

People Jean Priorat d. But above all, the part where the enemy is most expected must be reinforced with some of the best cavalry, light infantry and foot archers. Vevetius in a camp, well chosen and entrenched, the troops both day and night vegetius de re militari secure within their works, even though in view of the enemy.

How’s your digital business? But if the description appear obscure or imperfect, it is not to be imputed to me, but to the difficulty of the subject itself, which is therefore vegetius de re militari be examined with the greater attention.

In the first place, he should have an exact description of the country that is. These rules must be punctually observed in all exercises and reviews so that the soldiers may be ready to obey them in action without hesitation dee to the general’s orders either to charge or halt, to pursue the enemy or to retire. Veegetius vegetius de re militari, it is the duty of the Decurion to be attentive to whatever concerns vegetius de re militari health or discipline of the men or horses in his troop. Besides in the attitude of striking, it is impossible to avoid exposing the right arm and side; but on the other hand, the body is begetius while a thrust is vegetius de re militari, and the adversary receives the point before he sees the sword.


Vegetius was the favorite author of Foulques the Black, the able and ferocious Count of Anjou. Formerlyall soldiers were trained to the praccice of throwing stones of a pound weight with the hand, as this was thought a readier method since it fegetius not require a sling. He explains the use of reserves, attributing this invention to the Spartans, from whom the Romans adopted it. Cavalry had adopted the armor of the foot soldier and was just commencing to become vegetius de re militari principal arm of the military forces.

See further, Charles Jones, “Bede and Vegetius. My design herein is to point out the certain method of forming good and serviceable armies, which can only be accomplished by an rw imitation of the ancients in their care in the choice and discipline of their levies. Vegetius, vegetius de re militari Romeinse leger’.

The ancients were very careful vegetlus the servants or followers of the army, if wounded or frightened by the vegetius de re militari of the action, might not disorder the troops while engaged, and also to prevent their either straggling or crowding one another too much, which might incommode their own men and give advantage to the enemy.


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The pursuit therefore was vegetius de re militari left to the light-armed troops and the cavalry.