: Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod ( ): Heather Brewer: Books. Tenth Grade Bleeds #3. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. By Heather Brewer. 12 Jan The Paperback of the Tenth Grade Bleeds (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series #3) by Heather Brewer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping.

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Doubtless, if you enjoyed the first two books, you will like this one, too. Oct 30, Matt H. Vlad is having terrible nightmares and Henry is acting funny by not wanting to hang with him like he used to.

Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer | Scholastic

Vlad is now in tenth grade, and he is starting to experience the many struggles that come with high school. Vlad still has his amazing girlfriend Meredith, but with his blood hunger growing stronger every day he fears she might not really be safe with him.

To ask other tdo questions about Tenth Grade Bleedsplease sign up. Jul 15, Autumn rated it really liked it. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Vladimir being angst-y over the smallest things, high school, and a small bit of vampire-ness actually thrown in.

You were willing to release your drudge and I still can’t stand you. It might have made a little more sense if Vlad had actually spent more than a paragraph thinking about things that should actually worry him–I’m sorry the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds you’re telling me that Thf is going to take up more time in your brain than some vampire nearly stabbing you to death?

This has been the weakest installment so far.

Brewer also does a lot of what I have a problem with in my own the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds, which is showing and not telling. The girl of his dreams, Meredith, is his girlfriend. He chased them down with every drop of horror he could find—in books, movie theaters, on television. He chronixles a birthday in there somewhere.


It is exciting to think about what the future has in store for Vlad. His character is still flat, though.

Tenth Grade Bleeds – Wikipedia

Look it tenyh every time he talks about his eyes changing colors that word is always in the sentence. I like Vladmir Todd as a young vampire, but this book is better than the past two books.

They both agreed that Otis will be the one to explain it to Vlad. Like, rather than every time he’s mentioned, he’d be lingering outside of Vlad’s house, he goes to hunt a girl and is almost arrested, then the next time he confronts Vlad.

Quotes from Tenth Grade Bleeds. This is a good book for specifically middle school students or higher grade students of elementary school. I greatly fond of Drudge and vampire relationship, Heather Brewer is one my favorite writer the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds the exemplary skills in forging words with the emotions in appropriate proportion. After all, how can a teenager’s life get more boring as the guy gets older?

This was better than I thought it would be. Brewer does wonders in making the characters relatable and have feeling and make decisions that have a lot of sense behind them, another thing that YA is severely lacking in. Want to Read saving…. Heather Brewer is the pseudonym of Zac Brewer…but you can call him Z. Vlad has night terrors of a dark figure, and out of the shadow that surrounded it appear the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds silver blade.

See All Goodreads Deals…. This third book of five is a pivotal one for the series and hints of things to come are carefully woven into the details.


I love reading about Vladimir Tod. Another vampire named Ignatius is sometimes chasing Vlad, but thankfully he can only maneuver at certain times during the long, drawn out year, so Vlad is not really in any danger from him. But she does not have enough plot to fill nine months of the year. The book ends with a letter that Vlad was supposed to get a while back containing Otis’s teaching on writing in Elysian Code.

Brewer does a great job of showing the angst and conflict of a teen vampire who just wants to be normal. The scariest change in book three is the fact that Vlad is beginning to have urges more typical of vampires.

I’m talking about sobbing. Voadimir saving Snow from her abusive father, he sinks his teeth into her neck, sucking her almost dry and making her thr to the ground. Feb 16, Glittery Mango Ealee rated it the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds liked it Shelves: Here is a link to my notes.

But since I’m scarfing this entire series up so quickly, it doesn’t feel right to give it a lower rating. I was upset about what was happening with Henry and Vlad’s friendship.

Tenth Grade Bleeds

I don’t know, but this one wasn’t as epic as the first two. The previous years have held some challenges for Vlad, but his tenth grade year is threatening to reveal some of the more potentially serious vampire issues. FantasyVampireYoung adult.