Petroff Defence Compiled by erasmus –* Alekhine vs A Rabinovich, (C42 ) Petrov Defense, 29 moves, (C42) Petrov Defense, 30 moves, 1//2. Petrov Defense (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nf6): chess opening performance statistics, strategy and tactics, famous games, PGN download, discussion forum, and more. The Petroff is a quiet success story in chess – an old and often forgetten variation which can give Black a safe way of working for equal chances in an open game.

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Why does Petrov Defence unpopular at low level?

The Grandmasters are still having a think about this one. Was it a mere coincidence that Gashimov also repeated this opening in their 3 rd tie-break game to secure a draw and take out the young Caruana?

On white when I open e4 it always becomes Spanish, Italian, or Sicilian game Ok, I overstated things quite a bit when I used the phrase “on the ropes”. For example, after 1. Everyone assumes it’s an unsound gambit without even looking at it, which is probably why it’s so underexplored. For instance, White can plan a quick Be3, Qd2, andand play for a kingside defecne, trusting that his doubled c-pawns will help protect his king, and that his initiative and attacking potential will offset the long term disadvantage of having doubled pawns.

Retrieved from ” https: I am learning that opening right now, from “A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire”, which also contains good analysis of the Cochrane. I guess the other openings are just more mainstream. G Perigal vs Saint Amant.


Why does Petrov Defence unpopular at low level? – Chess Forums –

It’s actually very popular among beginners that have no freaking clue what they are doing. Nf3 from the Vienna Game. What is the object of playing a gambit opening? Nc3 Now BCO recommends the odd-looking: Number of games in database: Once I even had an expert tell me he shied away from playing 1.

Black players don’t want it to be sound because it would ruin the Petrov if people started playing it all the time. This rather modest move can lead to an interesting gambit which Black should not be afraid to play.

Cochrane has crushing stats, yet people are too scared to try it.

Bd3, where he will try to drfence Black’s advanced knight from e4 with moves like c4 and Re1. And in the Petroff: One natural move too many. The petroff is a good option, since it hasn’t been analyzed and played by super-GMs to such a huge extent.

Nd2 diagram and White has the slightly better endgame after either White is not necessarily trying to draw in this variation, and it is White defejce move. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves. White is held to have a slight advantage in this well-explored position due to the extra central space, although in the ending the d-pawn may become exposed.

At least that’s how I see the situation.

Petrov’s Defence – Wikipedia

My hope is that they’ll evade the Petroff by playing the King’s Gambit. Symmetry in chess 3 b. It is interesting to observe that Gelfand also employed the same opening in their third tie break game to seal the issue.

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Can be defused by bishop opening. Please observe our posting guidelines: Black’s main tries are b2-i I tried it a couple of time myself with petrovf draws and a loss and have faced it three times over the board in over forty years of club chess with a win and two draws – although I haven’t always played 1e4 on move one.

Player A thinks an opening is sound, Player B disagrees. With the reply It’s even quite playable at the highest correspondence level- that is, engines have not been able to refute the line.

Messages posted by Chessgames members do not necessarily represent the views of Chessgames. Polasek, Sachova skladba, victorhanson 3 min ago. Kupreichik – Mikhailchishin, Kujbyshev, 1. Black will want to get the two bishops working, but must be careful to keep lines closed until development is complete. Viswanathan Anand resigned after only six moves after falling for this against Alonso Zapata at Biel in But they are very wrong, Petrov is maybe drawish on GM level, but on club player level it is not a boring opening, and actually club players can get quite interesting games with Petrov.

Bb4 BCO now gives 4.

Feb 2, 8.