Parashat Balak (Numbers – ). Read on 20 July in the Diaspora. Parashat Balak / Did Balaam’s Ass Speak to Him? Prof. Yitzhak Levine . Combined Program in the Social Sciences. The story in Parashat Balak about. Balak son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. – Numbers Chukat – Balak There is no doubt that the donkey is the star of Parashat Balak.

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Similarly, the Mishnah taught that anyone who has an evil eye, a haughty spirit, and an over-ambitious soul is a disciple of Balaam the wicked, and is destined for Gehinnom and descent into the pit of destruction. Eskenazi noted that although God ordered death for all the ringleaders in Numbers The Gemara asked whether the words in Exodus 6: The Gemara interpreted Balaam’s pqrashat, “Let me die the death of the righteous,” in Numbers Rav Papa observed that this is an application of the popular saying that she who descended from princes and governors played the harlot with laborers showing that she had no conception of the dignity of her beginnings.

Fifth, an angel came and lifted up the lintel so that Phinheas could exit holding the spear. Barry Levy, and Edward Goldman.

Balak (parsha)

Mesorah Publications, revised and enlarged edition, When he reached the tribe of Simeon, he asked why the tribe of Levi should not have the moral standards of the tribe of Simeon.

When He blesses, I cannot reverse it. The Gemara taught that this was related to what Micah meant in Micah 6: Mesorah Publications Nevertheless, the LORD let him proceed on his mission, but only on the condition that he would speak exactly what He commanded him to speak. The Lord their God is with them.

He reminds them that He turned Bil’am’s curses into blessings for His chosen people. Edited by Edward Feldpage Rabbi Leazar taught that the words of Proverbs The Simeonites concluded that even the abstainers had then declared cohabiting wit Midianite women permissible. Translated by Jacob Neusner, volume 1, page Reprinted as New Studies blaak the Weekly Parasha.


Very simply, the guilty perished, and those who were alive to hear Moses were innocent survivors who could avoid destruction by staying fast to God. Zimri demanded that Moses rule whether Cozbi was forbidden or permitted to Zimri. Balaam’s blessing of Israel in Numbers Thus Bil’am at last succeeded in cursing Israel A Tanna taught that Beor was the same person as Cushan-rishathaim and Laban.

Parashat Balak – Quick Summary

But you must say nothing except what I tell you. Translated by Judah J.

Third, Phinheas was able to drive his spear exactly through the sexual organs of Zimri and Cozbi as they were engaged in the act.

Michah prophetically speaks of the acharit hayamim, when the survivors of Israel’s great tribulation and climactic battle of “Gog and Magog” which ballak occur just before the Mashiach Yeshua returns will be a blessing for the surviving remnant of humanity, like the “dew” and like the “rain.

Bachya read Balaam’s prophecy to reveal that there is a world after death of the body consisting of disembodied souls, and that there is also a resurrection at a later time when these disembodied souls will be reunited with their former bodies. Baak replied that galak was a king’s daughter and her father had instructed her not to submit to any but to the greatest of men.

And the Gemara concluded that if the Torah enjoins “walking humbly” in public matters, it is ever so much more requisite in matters that usually call for modesty. He had an “evil eye” and drew the spirit of demons to anything he gazed upon Avot 5: Jews generally read it in late June or July.

Similar in notoriety to the rasha Haman in the book of Esther, Balaam is considered one of Israel’s greatest foes.


Parashat Balak

The young Israelite men went beyond the Israelite camp and saw the young Midianite women, who had painted their eyes like harlots, and they took wives from among them, and went astray after them, as Numbers Rabbi Judah recounted that Balaam advised the Midianites that they would not be able to prevail over the Israelites unless the Israelites had sinned before God.

The Gemara related what took place baak, as Numbers Slotki, volume 6, pages — Jews who read the Torah according to the triennial cycle of Torah reading read the parashah according to a different schedule. Commentary by Adin Steinsaltz Even Yisraelvolume 21, pages — When parashah Balak is combined with parashah Chukat as it is in,andthe haftarah remains the haftarah for Balak.

Last week’s parashah Chukat recounted how Sihon, the king of Amorites, and Og, the king of Bashan, tried to prevent parasha Jewish people from passing through their borders to get to the Aprashat Land. Professor Robert Alter of the University of California, Berkeleyobserved that the Balaam narrative builds on repeated key words and actions, but repeats only certain phrases and dialogue verbatim.

And the first words of Balaam’s blessing of Israel in Numbers The Talmud Sanhedrin a states that Balaam became so famous as a magician that he later became a chief advisor to Pharaoh. Parashaat, Zimri should have cried out for help from his fellow Simeonitesbut he did not. See also Exodus Rabbah 7: Who shall dwell in Your holy mountain? Translated and annotated by Gerald Friedlander, page