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PmPmPm Apply a video signal to input CH1 with an amplitude of about 1V synchronization pulse Page Probe Adjust signal is distortion-free and has equal intensity.

Press the CAL key for a few seconds to start the autocal procedure. Page Page – Horizontal deflection; X deflection coef This eliminates calibration inaccuracies due to temperature changes.

If working on the unit under live condition cannot be avoided, it must be done by a qualified technician who is aware of the dangers involved.

PM User Manual – PM Oscilloscope from Fluke

Before soldering, bend the wires through the holes of flume solder leads, or wrap the wires around the leads in the form of an open U, or, maintain wiring ridigity by cable clamps or cable lacing. Impedance converter This active stage consists of three sections with different frequency ranges. Page – Maximum phase shift between horizontal a Circuit diagram of Y-out unit On this unit there are parts that carry dangerous high voltages The common mode rejection ratio CMRR is a measure of susceptibility to common mode signals.


The balanced input signal for triggering on vertical channels 1,2, 3 or 4 is applied to pin 7 and 8.

Here, the accuracy of this range is checked. The fuke trigger requires a small printed circuit board, a rear panel BNC socket and a coaxial interconnection cable.

Fluke PM3082 Oscilloscope 4 Channels 100mhz No Cable

Over and under-voltage protection To protect the oscilloscope circuitry against over-voltage and the supply circuits against overload, the power supply is provided with a protection circuit. The horizontal MTB deflection coefficients can be varied in steps such as done in 6. Item Ordering code Description Earth contact Front frame CRT frontrubber Light conductor By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT. Synchronization is achieved via SCL. The communication from front unit A4 to unit A3 occurs via buffer D The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection.

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Field 1 and Field 2 together form one frame. The value of this shift is measured here.

Fluke PM3082 Service Manual

Rough handling or scratching can cause the CRT to implode. The unit A1 description is split into the following chapters: The last possibility is that the rotor makes contact with both stator contacts.

Page – Probe Adjust signal; frequency and flkke This gives a time-linear voltage across the capacitor; the so- called sawtooth or sweep signal.

Page The linearity of the vertical amplifier is checked by moving a signal with a fixed amplitude vertically over the entire fluuke area. The input signal is a current and is applied to V and V Page Verify that the deviation from the ideal straight line does not exceed 0.

Page This delay is verified in the following test.