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La Raza Nodita 3. El Hijo del Hombre en Urantia 9. I can only say that I was drawn to it, I knew instinctively there was something important about it. This tomb of Joseph was in his garden on the hillside on the eastern side of the road, and it also faced toward the east. El Nuevo Mandamiento 2. El Desplazamiento Continental 6.

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El Origen y Naturaleza de los Portadores de Vida 2. Printer-friendly version Urantia Foundation, W. He thereupon asked the Most High of Edentia for the certification of the Ancients of Days as to his mortal transit; and turning to the assembled morontia groups of the seven mansion worlds, here gathered together to greet and welcome their Creator as a creature of their order, Jesus spoke the first words of the postmortal career.


It is enough that we have seen the Sovereign live and die on Urantia; the hosts of heaven would be spared the memory of enduring the sight of the slow decay of the human form of the Creator and Upholder of a universe. Hijos Abrazados por la Trinidad 2. Los Atributos de la Tercera Fuente y Centro 2. He became a part of the personal experience of almost one thousand human beings before he finally took leave of Urantia.

Las Brillantes Estrellas Vespertinas 3. Its basically an encyclopedia for truth and spiritual wisdom. El Equilibrio de la Madurez 5.

The reading of the Urantia Book is a life journey, to become a part of your everyday existence.

They saw the mortal body of Jesus in the tomb; they detected evidences of the universe activity of their beloved Sovereign; and not understanding such phenomena, they waited patiently for developments. Los Comienzos del Comercio de Permuta 5. Juan Comienza a Predicar 7.

El Primer Mundo de Estancia 4. La Vigilancia de la Tumba 3. El Traslado del Campamento a Pella 6. It brings together truth from all across the world and it’s major religions throughout our worlds entire history.

Hijos Materiales Ascendentes 3. Descargra Edades de Oro 4. Thomas was with them for a few minutes late Saturday night when they urantua got together, but the sight of the apostles, coupled with the thought of what had happened to Jesus, was too much for him. La Apresurada Huida Documento El Origen de los Ideales 6.

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El libro de Urantia Índice

Los Auxiliares Reflexivos de Imagen 5. La Vida en Dalamatia 8. En el Campamento de Pella 2. When the watching Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers, in the dim light of the morning, saw this huge stone begin to roll away from the entrance of the tomb, apparently of its own accord — without any visible means to account for such motion — they were seized with fear and panic, and they fled in haste from the scene.

He was half persuaded that Jesus was really alive; he recalled the promise to rise on the third day. He looked his associates over and immediately left the room, going descatgar the home of Simon in Bethpage, where he thought to grieve over his troubles in solitude. Downloading all 10 files will require 1. En el Camino a Fenicia 5.

Las Misiones Magisteriales 5. La Lucha Financiera Documento La Naturaleza de la Isla Eterna 3. Los Mundos de los Pibro 4. El Sabio de Salem 3. En Endor Documento Las Conferencias de Urmia 4.