21 Dec Above is a typical CMP Cable Gland for continuous aluminium . On each of the main Cable Gland product pages in this catalog you will find. 30 Nov CMP Products is a division of British Engines Limited, a Please see individual cable gland catalogue pages for further information. To meet. 19 Aug CMP PRODUCTS CABLE GLAND CATALOGUE. Cable Gland Selection Table. Refer to illustration at the top of the page. Cable Gland. Size.

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Self-calibrating, automatic adaptation to valve and. Sam Houston Pkwy E. Other thread sizes available upon request Nominal dimensions shown in this catalogue may vary due to material availability. Tapes can also be doubled over. Open the catalogue to page 7. All dimensions shown are in millimetres unless otherwise stated. For further information see page From catalgoue M40 all brass metric locknuts are considered to be heavy duty. Series Electropneumatic Positioner Type Series Electropneumatic Positioner Type Mcp Single-acting or double-acting positioner for attachment to pneumatic control valves Reference variable Travels 4 to 20 ma 5.

Provide additional sealing on the part of the cable entering the enclosure, when a high degree of ingress protection is required. Provided with straight sections cmp cable gland catalogue fittings. In certain conditions the addition of a shroud or other form of external covering may cmp cable gland catalogue unwanted moisture creating a greater threat of penetration than that which it is intended to prevent.

CMP Cable Glands & Accessories – PDF

A copy of the test report is available upon request and is an important factor when selecting earth tags from any glland, as without this the safety of installations may be compromised.

For installations it is equally essential to maintain the ingress protection integrity at which the equipment has been rated. An Introduction to s cmp cable gland catalogue are mechanical cable entry cmp cable gland catalogue, which can be constructed from metallic or non-metallic materials or a combination of both, and are used throughout all industries in conjunction with cable and wiring used in the electrical, instrumentation, control and automation systems.

Flammable gases, vapors and dusts are present A high degree of corrosion resistance is required Protection against dirt, water and moisture is necessary Typical More information.


Applications Designed for use in Zone 1 or 2 areas cmp cable gland catalogue flammable gases or vapors are present either continuously or intermittently. A detachable armour cone and AnyWay universal clamping ring arrangement allows the cable to be easily disconnected from the equipment, They can be fitted with a washer to increase the.

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Aluminium – Recommended when installing aluminium Cable Glands to prevent the galvanic corrosion which can occur fable dissimilar metals are coupled together. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Housing types Depending on More information. Redapt Stopping plugRedapt PA-D and Fmp Series of Stopping Plugs provide a method of blanking off unused entries in hazardous area approved equipment whilst ensuring the integrity and Ex approval of the installation is maintained.

Special design of clamping die and rubber part, large range in clamping the cable, ultrastrong stretching resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and high ability to resist salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, greas? Circular Connectors Committed to Excellence! Operation of Memosens sensors More information.

Overview Configuration is a short-range integrated ultrasonic level transmitter. Redapt certified accessories for hazardous areas Solutions for hazardous area cable terminations Cm a world that demands more. We have also formed excellent relationships with the people and organsations that do business with us, developing alliances with distributors and end-users internationally.

Sam Houston Pkwy E. Providing cmp cable gland catalogue power supply and signal connection there, where it is needed even in hazardous areas for cmp cable gland catalogue Zones 1and 2. Self-loosening should be avoided according to clause of IECthis can occur through relative motion over time even without vibration, due to differential thermal effects caused as a result of either differences in temperature or differences in clamped materials.


XAT Safety instructions for electrical. CMP Products is a market leading specialist designer, manufacturer, and supplier of cable cmp cable gland catalogue, cleats and accessories.

The table below details the specific CMP cable gland types glans with each of these groups. Stainless steel, aluminium and nickel plated brass earth tags are also available. Bosston products Explosion proof. Thin Client for panel mounting, 19″ display, x pixels Zone 1, 2, 21, 22, can be installed in hazardous areas without additional enclosure All-round degree of protection, resistive foil touch. Their features, however, also offer numerous More information. Barrier s Made Easy RapidEx is a liquid pour, fast curing, liquid resin barrier seal that cmp cable gland catalogue in seconds and cures in minutes.

Special design of clamping die and rubber part, large range in clamping the cable, ultrastrong stretching resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and high ability to resist salt, acid, mcp, alcohol, greas.

Cataloguee Overview Hawke International connectors are ideal for use in hazardous areas commonly found in Oil and Gas exploration, production and process plants. CMP Earth Tags have been independently short circuit tested to verify their suitability cmp cable gland catalogue specified service conditions. Technical characteristics More information. Products outer seal tightening guide OSTG cmp cable gland catalogue available for determining the size of the needed to suit a particular cable and cmp cable gland catalogue the cablw of spanner turns needed to close down the sealing ring without damaging the cable.

Not to recognize this will lead to rework, or risk of failure of the seal. Zone 21 and Fatalogue 22hazardous areas with un-armoured and braided cable providing a combined flameproof seal and environmental seal on the cable outer sheath. All dimensions shown are in millimetres unless otherwise stated.

CMP Products – Industrial, Marine & Explosive Atmospheres Cable Glands

By remaining focused on this commitment to our customers, our business has grown to become a world leader in our market, continuing to provide assurance of the highest standards of quality and service. Installation 4 to 8 3. For further information see page.