Dick Pountain and David Robins. Chromophobia. David Batchelor. Global Dimensions. John Rennie Short. Celebrity. Chris Rojek. Activism! Tim Jordan. Animal. 17 Jul The above quote from German author Goethe closes Chromophobia, a book about colour in culture by artist and author David Batchelor. The book Chromophobia, David Batchelor is published by Reaktion Books.

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This chromophkbia a fantastic little book that goes against the Western philosophical tendency to attack, revile, or belittle color. Looking at Pictures HB. I liked the range of sources and the way this book made me think about colour. In “The Marzipan Pig,” Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake’s bizarre and lyrical children’s book about aesthetic longing and the great chain of being, an owl—who has eaten a mouse that devoured the titular hero back on Page 3 and so has absorbed the pig’s sweetness, its pinkness—swoops down from a branch to pitch woo to a taxi meter, which glows impassively violet bwtchelor the night.

Als I liked the range of sources and the way this book made me think about colour. Chromophobia has been a cultural phenomenon since ancient Greek times; this book is concerned dzvid forms of resistance to it.

Also of interest is the chapter on the role of semantics and color interpetation. Critical thinking at its best. How we keep your personal details safe: Popular Tickets Art Exhibition Catalogues.

We have removed the tickets from your shopping cart. A phobia is typically described as a strong, sometimes irrational, dislike of something.

Batchelor traces this cultural belief back to the Bible. Contributor Nov 26, A splendid and enticing essay, as much about phenomenology as art, with respect chromophobla colour and not the sort of book I would normally read – artists writing about philosophy tends to irritate me about as much as theologians writing about literature.


Chromophobia (FOCI)

There is literature discussing the use of white as an institutional phenomenon within the art world that would in my opinion be more effective in criticizing the museum esthetic. Delivery within 10 days with Royal Mail Please send comments about this review to editor. It hasn’t violet’s rapid sexual shudder, or like a rough road the irregularity of ultramarine, the low puddle of mauve like a pancake covered with cream, the dissaproving purse to pink, the assertive brevity of red, the whine of green.

A small book, its cover is neon bbatchelor with lime green text, and a delightful microscope photo of some brightly colored biology. Every chapter has great arguments, and made me examine why I view certain colors the way I do. Sep 26, Freya Stewart rated it really liked it.

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A succinct book of art theory which goes down smoothly. Its language shapes our metaphors, dis colors our speech, and sways our behaviors.

More dangerous, more disruptive, more excessive. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Your ticket reservations have timed out. Batcheoor Us Authors Contact Us. I strongly agree that it is cnromophobia big part of western cultural belief that white is for a sense of purity, especially in clothing.

Chromophobia David Batchelor The central argument of Chromophobia is that a chromophobic impulse — a fear of corruption or contamination through colour — lurks within much Western cultural and intellectual thought.


He wants to show that the denigration of color is connected to deep social structures. We learn about the history of color systems—the various wheels, charts, and palettes that have been used to divide and to regulate the color continuum.

Jan 10, Dianna Xu rated it really liked it. Why blue funk, yellow journalism, red alert? Each email you receive will also include an option to unsubscribe. See 1 question chrlmophobia Chromophobia….


I also like that it was so bold as to really grapple with the elusiveness of color in a fun and dramatic way. To view it, click here.

Chromophobia (FOCI) | David Batchelor |

We might also use data for our own chromophlbia, this helps us see how we’re doing and how we can do better. How many chapters are there? Dorothy’s travels in the Land of Oz and the implication of modern artists’ experiments with industrial paints and materials. Not going to lie- I had to reread some sections 3 or 4 times in order to fully comprehend I had various moments of epiphany throughout the book, which fueled my desire to keep on reading.

It was an odd read, and one I did for a class. Thank you for signing up to our shop newsletter. From here he looks at the ideas of purity, rationality and superiority that have been attached to white over colour throughout our history.

That discussions of color as secondary to drawing or design are neither prevelant in the industry nor in academia proves how engrained into art theory the secondary status of color is. It is typical of prejudices to conflate the sinister and the superficial.

I like its subject matter and the collage of references it pulls together, I feel, in creative ways. Jan 06, Troy rated it liked it Shelves: Newer Post Older Post Home. I hated this book.