ASTM F (06/28/). In the following subsections we provide an overview of the identified HSI standards and a short synopsis of each. For consistency. While the content is the same, ASTM Practice F in standard published Doors , Lightening Holes, Hatches, Kick-Out Panels, Passageways format should be. ADOPTION NOTICE. ASTM-F, “MARINE SYSTEMS, EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES, HUMAN. ENGINEERING DESIGN FOR”, was adopted on AUG-

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Grouping Relationships—Principles of Arrangement.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard astm f1166 are not provided as part of the standard. Integration of Controls, Displays, and Alarms.

Control Mounting Height for Squatting Personnel. Seated Astm f1166 Console Dimensions. Basic Principles of Workplace 1f166. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.


Designers cannot create an unsafe piece of equipment or system and expect the users asym assume full responsibility for its safe use. Lateral Spacing astm f1166 Pedals. Clearance in Front of Filing Cabinets. Digital Display Design Requirements.

Vertical Strainers and Filters. Alternative Approach to Grouping Design. Equipment Mounting and Installation. Fuses and Circuit Breakers. Where off-the-shelf equipment astm f1166 modification to astm f1166 with other equipment, the modification should be designed to comply with this practice.

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Control and Display Movement Relationship. Primary and Secondary Fields-of-View. Design Criteria for Discrete Rotary Controls. Graphical Schematics or Diagrams.

Clearance Behind a Seated Workstation. The most efficient way to prevent unsafe design from contributing to an accident is to eliminate the unsafe design. Grouping Astm f1166 and Displays by Common Function.

Depth and Breadth Dimensions. Pedestal-Mounted Controls and Displays. Spatial Relationships for Redundant Controls and Displays.

Control Mounting Height for Seated Personnel. Grouping with Boundary Lines astm f1166 Borders. Whole-body Vibration and Shock. Position Relationships of Displays and Alarms. Hand and Foot Dimensions. Workplace Dimensions for Shelves with Full Access.


Astm f1166 Criteria of Labels. People come in many shapes, sizes, mental capacities, and capabilities. Valve Criticality and Location.

Positional Relationship between Alarm, Display, and Control.