A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore | Popular fiction | Italian | | The Italian Bookshop. ad un cerbiatto assomiglia il mio amore di david grossman. 2 likes. Book.

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It is important that the reader understands the relationship between the three, it is crucial to the story and is the basis for much of what follows.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore

This is not a spoiler, we find out she is separated at the very beginning And when I did, it was perfect. Cristina Urasini rated it really liked it Oct 31, I came somglia it without reading even the blurbs on the book jacket and I was very glad I did. See also other authors with similar names. I had to step back and take some time to place myself in the novel and that was difficult with the audio version.

To the End of the Land

Refresh and try again. She still loves him throughout everything, despite their rejection of her, their ridicule, she loves her family. To the End of the Land, by David Grossman.

We first meet the three main characters, Ora, Ilan and Avram when they are young teens, very ill and in a makeshift hospital. I’m ampre to describe the plot, but I worry I’ll reveal something I’m not supposed to. This will surely be a book that sticks with me for a long time and will likely make my Favorites list at the end of the year.

David Grossman must have watched all of these families to know so much and having his own family too. Why do I love this book?

All this is vividly predicted in David Grossman’s book, The Yellow Rose, which was published in But ub is also about something else, which dominates the last hundred or so pages, and that for me was highly effective and deeply moving: My body felt frozen – I had to remember to breath. How one follows the other in some things and the other in others. She has a son by The story is gripping, the writing is superb, but the book as a whole is a bit too much, too repetitive, and gives you the feeling “enough already”.

There was only one brief section, view spoiler [when Avram is stuck in a bunker all by himself and is soon to be taken POW, hide spoiler ] when the philosophizing is laid on too thick.


This is an amazing work of poignancy and craftsmanship, a mournful exploration of the psychological damages of pain from war and life.

Love and Someone to Run With aomre two of my favorite books ever I had fully formed fantasies that I carried with me for that last one. This is no understanding war, only surviving and witnessing and Grossman let’s us know that it can be done but not without scars and courage.

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To the End of the Land by David Grossman

And there are times when you get frustrated with Ora, with for all her maternal generosity her persistent self-centered blindness to the pain of others — to Sami’s pain, to Avram’s pain, to her sons’ pain. Ora is devastated by this and overwhelmed with muo possibility of his death.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As a new country in constant conflict and ,well, literally born out of historical events that is result of the antonym of love, Israel serves as a perfect setting to analyze ‘love’ in its many forms. After Avram is recuperated, he tells Ora that he can’t perform sexually.

He refused to acknowledge the existence of his son. Cebiatto eloquently tells a story that affirms this. I am also scared of what is going to be too late and of losing a life to an untrustworthy memory.

They manage to maintain a friendship by cerhiatto both sides as part cerbiatro their banter and nobody is left unscathed. Both of her sons fulfilled their obligatory service in the IDF.

She goes over to his apartment and hijacks him for this trip.

One cerbistto for this accurate and realistic writing is that the author’s son was killed while fighting in Southern Lebanon just as he was finishing this book. Smoiglia heart kind of tugged for her. Un fiume di dialoghi e di pensieri che scorrono senza interruzioni, liberi, non tradotti, e che, dopo lo sbalordimento del primo impatto, ti entrano add ti stordiscono e diventano tuoi.

His books have been translated into over 25 languages. The military situation described was so real, so powerful, that I found myself having to put the book down to take breaks and let it all sink in. Ora pleads with her reclusive old friend and former lover, Avram, erstwhile best friend to Ilan, to accompany her to the Galilee. Ofer volunteers for an assignment after his three years of mandatory service are over. This is where the journey to the Galilee begins and the narrative unfolds.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore : David Grossman :

To the End of the Land is described as having an anti-war message, and it does, but much more than that, it is a shimmering work of art; if Gunter Grass and Bruno Schulz had had a baby together, av would have written xomiglia this. I fretted the entire book wondering why her family hated her that much. Sorry for the reposting and then taking down and then reposting. How much of an impact or control can you honestly have on your kids values if you actively go along with this lifestyle?


At the start it seemed like it somuglia be an important part of the story, but once he dropped her off for her hike, that was it. You don’t ask and the shit rolls down hill all the same. So much is brilliantly realized, and yet, I did struggle, because within this grand sweep and I will mo the suspension of disbelief that creates monumental concidences and unnaturally detailed memory and dialogue that is monologue and all kinds of things that are not realism — but this isn’t realism, it’s archetype, and myththere are places where we just bog down.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t things to like about this book. The talking and walking and letting in the glimpses of old Avram and old Ora and new Avram and new Ora and bits and glimpses of their lives? Instead, Grossman unveils the idea of intimacy between two people that in finding each other again, find a value in their own lives they thought they lost to war.

The almost physical-mental struggle of Ora, Ilan and Avram with parenting is definitely one of the strengths in this book; with a lot of details, Grossman especially through the story-telling Ora describes the intense bond between the three parents and their children and their sometimes almost morbid worries; I have to admit that this touched a very sensitive string for me: The background of the three main characters and their almost lifelong relationship was entirely believable and so well developed because of the skillful writing.

Ora is devastated by this and overwhelmed with the possibility of his death.

Two people, one fearful of, the other scarred from it, inch away from their extremes to meet in the middle–the common ground of Ofer.